About US...


LB&W Design Associates Inc. is an Architectural and Engineering organization located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The firm consists of architects, engineers, designers, and support staff  that provide services to design new facilities or renovate existing ones.


Our staff interfaces with clients beginning with the inception of an idea. This includes developing architectural floor plans, elevations, site layouts, and producing renderings for formal presentations that illustrate the client's concept.


After the concept is finalized, our in-house staff develops the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements to service the facility.  We develop the plans for permitting, cost estimating, bidding, and construction services.


Our staff of professionals assist our clients  in every phase of the project, from "Concept to Completion".






          1176 N. Irving Street, Suite 200

                  Allentown, PA 18109

                       (610) 289-2620